Rachael Marshall of Withernay Projects. ©  Gary Heasman Photographic  .  2014.

Rachael Marshall of Withernay Projects.
© Gary Heasman Photographic. 2014.

Rachael is also an experienced photographer and her work can be seen at the Withernay Photography site.

Rachael has been an inclusive design consultant since 2005, advising design teams about achieving the best possible level of access and inclusive design possible for projects at David Bonnett Associates.

Withernay Projects Limited provides access and inclusive design consultancy services to design teams and other built environment professionals. The Withernay Projects team can expand when necessary to consistently provide excellent, accurate and timely delivery of advice and documentation.

Bringing empty buildings back into use was the subject of Rachael’s thesis project for her Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture (RIBA Part II), completed at London Metropolitan University in 2010.