Liberia free of Ebola

Fountains at Somerset House

Fountains at Somerset House

So what has a picture of the courtyard at Somerset House got to do with Liberia? Well it was here that I took a break from seeing the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition on Sunday. I don't think I was alone in needing some fresh air after seeing the Iris D'Or winning series of photographs by John Moore (Getty Images). Moore visited Liberia twice while the country was in the grip of Ebola and these photographs are the result.

On Saturday the World Health Organisation announced that Liberia was free of the disease at last. A public holiday was declared and people celebrated victory over the disease that took so many of their friends and family. Ebola continues to affect people in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

My interest in Liberia comes from knowing people who have worked there as reporters and aid workers, and from having twinned my toilet with one in Bana Town. The need for adequate sanitation continues in Liberia and in many places around the world. Populations in areas affected by conflict and natural disasters, such as the recent earthquakes in Nepal are especially in need.

Please take a look at the Toilet Twinning scheme.